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Elodie Khayat is a native of the 8th arrondissement of Paris. She started her fashion career as a buyer’s intern for the luxury department store, Printemps Department. Elodie went on to pursue her academic career at L’Institut Francais de la Mode and earned a Master’s Degree in Fashion Management. Working at BCBG and in her family business post graduation, Elodie relocated to Los Angeles for her real passion: creating unique women’s jewelry. In 2012, Elodie K. founded her fine jewelry collection. She began designing for A-list celebrities as her brand evolved into what it is today. Elodie continues to design as a reflection of her Parisian roots and easy-going Californian sensibility.

The aspiration of the Elodie K brand is to create jewelry that becomes a woman’s second skin; jewels that weightlessly float on the body giving the impression the precious stones are tattooed.  Each piece is constructed to be worn day to evening, collected and layered, as you like for a chic, unexpected look. The creations are sexy and fashion-forward, yet always feminine. Throughout the design process, Elodie conceptualizes with the premise women typically have diverse style identities, therefore jewelry should compliment a woman’s ever changing looks and personalities. The beauty of her creations is found in this versatility, as well as the quality of the delicate designs and the effortless elegance.






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